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"There is a lot of trust in our relationship with Gunnip..."

"We began working with Gunnip & Company because of their reputation in the community. They have lived up to that reputation by consistently staying on top of the ever-changing environment for non-profit organizations. In addition, they monitor proposed changes and advise us how best to prepare. Their industry knowledge has made all our projects with them smooth and efficient. There is a lot of trust built into our relationship with Gunnip and their extensive knowledge and highly professional ethics gives me confidence that they have the University’s financial well being at heart."

"I rely on the expertise and knowledge at Gunnip..."

"For many years, I have relied on the expertise and knowledge of our accountants at Gunnip. From early on I felt we were on the same page. They listen, ask questions and therefore understand our needs and goals. They have always given us their candid opinion of the issues presented and not just what they thought we wanted to hear. As a result, I have always trusted that their counsel and advice was motivated solely by what they perceived to be in our best interest. It has been more than an accountant/client relationship. I consider Bob Mosch my friend."

"We need an accountant with global growth expertise..."

"As an emerging global company, we need an accountant with global growth expertise; we have found that in Gunnip & Company. As a result of our growth, we've had numerous concerns regarding how best to proceed. Gunnip's team has helped to guide us, and I am confident we are on the correct path. Our experiences with Jim Selsor and his team have been extremely easy and they are very quick to respond to our needs. The resources, knowledge and encouragement they provide combine to create a supportive climate to grow, and I highly recommend them. "

"Our working relationship with Gunnip is seamless..."

"The Independence School has worked with Gunnip as our accounting firm for many years. The relationship is seamless. George Hager’s experience in an education setting is invaluable and Bob Mosch actively engages with the school’s other business partners to assist us in various financial matters. Their willingness to go the extra mile has created a strong relationship and has served us well. They have earned our confidence and we do not hesitate to recommend them to others." www.theindependenceschool.org

"At both for-profit and non-profit companies..."

"George Hager, Kathi Silicato and Bob Mosch are among my most favorite people I've met in the 30 plus years I've been in business. I've worked with them through various positions at both for-profit and non-profit companies, and am happy to recommend them."

"Gunnip respects the mission of my dental practice..."

"In view of recent challenging economic conditions for all health-care providers, I am very happy that Jim Selsor and the team at Gunnip & Company are sensitive and respect the culture, philosophy and mission of my dental practice. They provide thoughtful and positive accounting and tax advice for my unique business model."

"We selected Gunnip & Company...."

"We selected Gunnip & Company to serve as our external auditors due to the firm's reputation working with local non-profits. They have worked closely with us to develop an audit and tax schedule, consistently meeting timelines without disruption to the organization. The Museum staff has been extremely satisfied with the accessibility of our audit team, their timely responsiveness to questions, expert communication and their sensitivity to our limited resources. " www.delart.org Michael Miller, Delaware Art Museum

"Our business has grown substantially with Gunnip..."

"We began working with Gunnip many years ago when we were a small operation with just two tugboats. Over the years, our business has grown substantially. Cliff Hunter, Mike Trolio, Adam Gripton and their team have been there for us every step of the way. It is a good feeling to know they understand our business and always make recommendations that are appropriate, guiding us when we face challenges." www.dannmarine.com

"Boscov's turns to Gunnip & Company...."

"Boscov's turns to Gunnip & Company for the administration, management and outsourced accounting of its Delaware based-affiliates because Boscov's appreciates the responsiveness, experience and attention to detail the Gunnip & Company personnel bring to their working relationship." www.boscovs.com

Experience is the Difference®